Expectations are a powerful force,
an energy that is either moving you forward or holding you back.



The EXP Factor is a powerful realm that we rarely engage with in a deliberate and intentional way. It is about the power of expectations, how you harness their potential and how you manage these expectations to give you a very different outcome to what you are currently getting.

They are in play within your personal life, in relationships, your career, in groups, teams, business, organisations and whole nations. They are with us all the time, intertwined in every situation, and in a very powerful way they influence and shape every dimension of what we think and do in our lives.

The true potential of the EXP Factor is when you know how they are in play all around you. When you are aware of how they interact with other powerful drivers in your life. When you see it all, then you will be able to tap into the power of expectations and significantly shift from where you find yourself now, to where you expect to be.

One small SHIFT can cause an enormous IMPACT

Get what you expect

Do you want your future to be better than your present?

Expectational Energy

Energised, fatigued, or simply want to quit?

Too expectant to Quit

The story behind the EXP Factor

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